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Monthly Calling plans to calll international from any phone.


$22.49/ month
1000 minutes
Check available countries
  • Call forwarding
  • Call back
  • Speed dial
  • PIN less dialing


$32.99/ month
Unlimited minutes
Check available countries
  • Call forwarding
  • Call back
  • Speed dial
  • PIN less dialing

Argentina - Landline

Australia - Landline

Brazil - Landline

Canada - Landline + Mobile

Chile - Landline

Colombia - Landline + Mobile

Cyprus - Landline

Denmark - Landline + Mobile

Estonia - Landline

France - Landline

Germany - Landline

Greece - Landline

Iceland - Landline

Ireland - Landline + Mobile

Israel - Landline

Italy - Landline

Malaysia - Landline + Mobile

Mexico - Landline + Mobile

New Zealand - Landline

Norway - Landline + Mobile

Peru - Landline + Mobile

Poland - Landline + Mobile

Portugal - Landline

Puerto Rico - Landline

Romania - Landline + Mobile

Russia (Moscow) - Landline

Singapore - Landline + Mobile

Slovakia - Landline

South Korea - Landline

Spain - Landline

Sweden - Landline + Mobile

United Kingdom - Landline + Mobile

United States - Landline + Mobile

Venezuela - Landline

Unchain international calling

Nalo international calling card is design for any life changing events. It's a new way of calling that will save money for you, your family and friends.
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Get a phone number anywhere around the world

Have a local phone number to any country and start making and receiving calls on a global scale with the lowest rates on the market.

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Unlimited international start from $ 9.99

Take advantage using unlimited international calling to numerous countries and get free VoIP phone.

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Calling internationally? No internet - no worries

We are using local phone lines when there is no internet available. We guarantee low-cost, international, internet-free calls with great quality.

Buy a phone number anywhere worldwide with global call forwarding


International call forwarding some times is called Find Мe or Follow Мe services. With our service your incoming calls can be forwarded to any existing phone in the world at the cost of a local call. You can combine call forwarding with our other call features such us voice mail and speed dial.

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