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Nalo VoIP service helps you to save money every month and even keep your phone number you already have or you can get a new one. All you need is internet connection With Nalo app on your device you can make cheap international calls or free unlimited calls between Nalo app users. All you need is a free Nalo app installed on your device and so does your contact.
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Personal Calling Plans

Monthly Calling plans to calll international from any phone.

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$ ? / month
Selective minutes
Any Country Available


$22.49/ month
1000 minutes
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$32.99/ month
Unlimited minutes
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phone card for Argentina

Argentina - Landline

phone card for Australia

Australia - Landline

phone card for Brazil

Brazil - Landline

phone card for Canada

Canada - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Chile

Chile - Landline

phone card for Colombia

Colombia - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Cyprus

Cyprus - Landline

phone card for Denmark

Denmark - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Estonia

Estonia - Landline

phone card for France

France - Landline

phone card for Germany

Germany - Landline

phone card for Greece

Greece - Landline

phone card for Iceland

Iceland - Landline

phone card for Ireland

Ireland - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Israel

Israel - Landline

phone card for Italy

Italy - Landline

phone card for Malaysia

Malaysia - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Mexico

Mexico - Landline + Mobile

phone card for New Zealand

New Zealand - Landline

phone card for Norway

Norway - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Peru

Peru - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Poland

Poland - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Portugal

Portugal - Landline

phone card for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - Landline

phone card for Romania

Romania - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Russia

Russia (Moscow) - Landline

phone card for Singapore

Singapore - Landline +Mobile

phone card for Slovakia

Slovakia - Landline

phone card for South Korea

South Korea - Landline

phone card for Spain

Spain - Landline

phone card for Sweden

Sweden - Landline + Mobile

phone card for England

United Kingdom - Landline + Mobile

phone card for United States

United States - Landline + Mobile

phone card for Venezuela

Venezuela - Landline


speed dial option

Speed Dial

Take control off your time and dial faster with Speed Dial option. Just add your favourite number on a key from 0 to 9, and all you need to press for a call is a key insead of a whole number.

pinless dial option

Pinless Dial

No need to enter the PIN number! if you sync your phone number to your account, you can dial without PIN. And, you can sync as many numbers as you want on one nalotel account!

autorefill option


If you activate " Autorecharge ", every time you run out of minutes, your plan will be reactivated automaticaly. You will never stay without minutes no metter how much are you talking.

phone app

Nalo App

Get the Nalo app for your iPhone, Android and tablet. Each Nalo user has they own Nalo phone number to make a call to another Nalo app user you have to dial that number.

internet phone adaptor

Adapter for Classic Phone

The adapter is connected to the internet and to a regular home phone. This way you can use Nalo to Nalo service or you can call USA or any other country.

nalo internet phone

Nalo VoIP Phone

The VoIP Phone replaces both the regular home phone and the adapter. Thus, you can use the free Nalo to Nalo service or you can call USA or any other country with the lowest rates.

Call back option

Call Back

Your loved ones can call you by using a local number from their own country and the cost of the calls is supported by you, as a local call. The only condition is to add there phone no. in your account.

Call forwarding option

Call forwarding

This service is very usefull when you are away on holiday or when you travel with business purposes. All the calls made to your home or mobile phones are redirected to another phone that you want.

International Number

International Number

This service offers you the chance to own a personal phone number from any country in the world. The calls made to your phone number will be redirected to another phone in any other country.

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